File Recovery With Photorec

Recovering files from an accidental erase or format should not be that hard, I use a tool call Photorec it makes wonders it will even recover files that have been deleted previously. I decided to use a USB flash drive for testing because its only 128MB and it would result in a faster recovery, the bigger the storage space the more time it will take to recover those files. One of the features that I like in Photorec is whether to search the entire medium or just for specific formats, also be prepare to sort between files because the software will recover previously deleted files, I always find that amazing. For more information on Photorec visit their site.

Testing equipment

128MB flash drive 2 JPEG pictures and my desktop The flash drive was formated to simulate and accidental erase.


  • Start Photorec, cdm appears.
  • We are going to choose our device which is being represented as /dev/sdc 123 MB, hit enter
  • In the next screen we are ask for the partition table type, I believe the most common one in this case is Intel/PC partition, then hit enter.
  • In the 3rd screen we choose the 2nd option which is being represented as partition FAT32, you can use the right arrow if you want to go to [options] or [file opt] in this case I don’t find it necessary.
  • In the 4th screen we get to specify the file system, lets choose the 2nd option FAT/NTFS/HFS+/ReiserFS/.
  • 5th Screen choose the 2nd option [ Whole ], we are going to extract all files from the medium.
    6th Screen you get to tell where the results will be saved, remember you have to press y/n.