MotoQ Report

My Internet service provider with whom I have bundle all of my service was offering a great deal on wireless. The choice seem to narrow down to the MotoQ, after I received the phone my next task was to set up my email account and SSH client with only minor problems. The SSH client seems a bit slow but the ability to do a quick fix is better than nothing. My e-mail account is with my web hosting provider, has of now I have no Push e-mail instead the phone syncs with the account every 15 minutes. If you are getting a Windows Mobile 5 device you should know that there are no document editing capabilities unless you buy a third party application from Dataviz, only Windows Mobile 6 has editing capabilities by the fault. There is a free solution for document editing on WM5 some one ported the editing functions from WM6 to WM5 and its available in a .CAB file. One piece of software that I have become addicted to is Google Maps which brings the ability to find pretty much any business or location and display the results in a very detail manner you are bound to become addicted. For those of you that are into managing your money and want to have some type of visual access there is Pocket Quicken, I find the Application to be very expensive for a mobile app, it even cost more than the desktop one. In conclusion I’m pleased with the phone, but not with Pocket Quicken which cannot sync when Desktop Quicken is open. Also for some reason Windows Mobile 5 will not kill the applications after they are closed , I have to manually kill them otherwise the phone becomes a bit slow.

What’s needed

  • Organizer
  • e-mail
  • SSH
  • Document editing
  • Money management

Third party software loaded into MotoQ

  • Google Maps
  • Pocket Quicken
  • Zatelnet
  • Office 6