Free Software For Windows Mobile 5

If you own a smart phone you might interested in the following software they all have a couple of things in common which are free and run on Windows Mobile 5. All of the software mentioned in this post has been tested in my Motorola Q, I only recommend what I use. This is an update. IRIS Browser The IRIS browser renders websites like no other browser available in Windows Mobile, IRIS renders websites as if you were using Internet Explorer or Firefox and it’s free. Google Maps for Windows Mobile Home page Download GmobileSync Great tool if you want to sync your Google calendar with the smart phone calendar. Kevtris Feels like Tetris, looks like Tetris, but you can compare your score with other players online. Moto Q Flashlight Free application which allows you to use the camera flash as a flash light with out having to use the camera, plus it can do SOS signals among other things. Fring Fring bring VOIP and IM to Windows Mobile phones in a single package, supports major providers like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and AIM among others. If you use Twitter Fring has built in support no need for web browser it can all be controlled from one application. ShoZu If you have a blog, Flickr or other internet service that you wish to send photos then this is the application. Total Commander Fast and stable Total Commander gives you access to all the internal files on you phone (Like File Manager) plus FTP access. Viigo So far the best RSS reader I have found for Windows Mobile 5. GooSync Google Calendar and contacts mobile device synchronization. MSN Direct Displays news, weather, and stock updates in the home screen Pocket Nester Play Nintendo games using Pocket Nester Mysaifu JVM Java Virtual Machine Windows Live Mobile Mail, local search, Windows Messanger, and other services If you have any recommendation leave a comment