Nes Emulator for Windows Mobile 5

If you ever wanted it play NES games on your phone well this is your lucky post, this is a very simple post on how to install and run Pocket Nester Plus on a Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone. To download Pocket Nester Plus click the link below and download the two files Pocket Nester Plus and tGetFile.dll. Source for all needed files


After all the files are downloaded and transfered to the phone :

  • Open the “File Manager”, search for the “My Documents” folder open it.
  • Search for the file “tgetfile.spvarm.CAB” open it and choose the location to install, by now “tgetfile” has been installed.
  • Go back to the “File Manager” and open “PocketNesterPlus.exe”, if the programs runs congratulations. Now we have to get some NES ROM’s you can get them from, unzip it and transfer to the phone.

For NES ROM’S visit the following site :

  • Again go to “File Manager” and open “Pocket Nester Plus”, the emulator starts click on “File” then “Open ROM”. Search for the ROM you transfer and click on it. After the game starts the keys may not respond that’s because we have to map them to the keys on the phone.
  • The following step can be confusing and most of the job will be done by “you”, mapping the keys will be up to your personal preference. Go to the emulator and click on “options” then “controllers”.

The mapping of the keys will vary from phone to phone. For more information on the emulator files or settings please go to.