Notepad++ and FileZilla Tip

For those of us who use Notepad++ for text editing will be happy to know that FileZilla can use it as the default text editor. This might be old news for some of you but I just want to get the word out there, I have seen people download the text file first then open the text editor. Here is my simple tip on using Notepad++ in conjunction with FileZilla for easy text editing. This tip causes Notepad++ to start every time you want to edit a file by choosing the edit option in FileZilla.

  • Install FileZilla and Notepad++ if you haven’t already
  • Open FileZilla and click on Edit (top bar) > Settings > Remote file editing
  • Now click on the Browse box, after the new window opens search for the folder Program Files open it and search again for the folder named Notepad++ open it
  • Double click on the icon Notepad++, we are back in the menu now choose the option Always use default editor
  • Click on OK, to test wheter you can edit a file using our set up upload a text file hover the mouse pointer above the file we wish to edit and do right click and choose the option View / Edit. If everything went well Notepad++ will open with the test file.
    After saving the file FileZilla will ask if you want to upload the file back to the server answer yes.

, — Jan 29, 2008