P2P The Only Victim

Ignorant headlines like this one Sweden sues illegal download site are normal, its sad to see that popular sources of media classify and tag others with out any consideration. File sharing is apparently related to piracy, I would like to see some actual figures for damages caused by piracy instead of estimates. Instead of blaming P2P and projects like ThePirateBay.org for piracy why don’t we all take a closer look at the people using those services with the intent of getting free copy righted material. That’s a bit hard right because they are your average person living regular life’s they don’t do or deal crack, steal cars and murder people, then why would they commit the crime of stealing according to some industries. The answer it’s in our own society its embedded and in all of us if the possibility to get something for free exist we use it, then file sharing becomes a reflection of our society and it’s values. tpb The P2P protocol is the only victim in all of this, because its been associated with free loaders according to some organizations if I am wrong they why is Comcast regulating only one protocol then, hey lets blame HTTP for facilitating the distribution of child pornography. It makes me sad to think that people like Ted Steven are dictating the laws, come on this people are clueless. Embrace technology once and for all.