Hey, I Have Options

Not so long I manage to reach the point where I want to run Linux on every device I own, finally I am what others call an enthusiast. Back in 2007 I was looking for a mobile solution that made use of Linux and all the software associated. Palm had the solution I wanted in the form of the TX handheld, at the time Wi-Fi was the only attractive feature, but there was no Linux alternative to Garnet. Four months I found Opie (Open Source graphical user environment for PDA’s) It’s like I died and went to heaven (Linux heaven) everything I was looking for in Linux for a mobile device was there. Back to 2008 and I no longer feel like buying anything Palm if I do it would be like feeding and giving hope to the dinosaur of the PDA industry that by now should be extinct. And the feeling comes from the non-sense marketing Palm creates for it’s products, since 2005 the price for the TX has been at 300 dollars with the current competition the price should be below 150 dollars. They no longer have a significant share of the market or even trust in Garnet their own operating system. Apparently they have no problem in letting another operating system in their mobile devices like the Treo. I would love to see Palm become an open company that appeals to the Linux enthusiast at a reasonable price but I must be dreaming. To be honest a device like the Palm TX would not be able to compete with the new options that I have in mind for example the Nokia N800 and ASUS eee. The Nokia N800 and ASUS eee are completely different devices but manage to make the TX look like an inanimate object. Whether you want a touch screen or keyboard the options are now available at an affordable price. The ability to run Linux is now a reality on competent devices. Makes me wonder about Palm and their business strategy, they went from innovators to being the dinosaur of the industry. And that’s how I feel about Palm