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Slicehost Review

This is some what strange for me but I feel the need to let every one know of my experience with Slicehost for VPS hosting. Over the past five months I been hosting on slicehost, I got in back when there was a waiting line to use the Creme de la crème in hosting. I can’t say anything about their costumer service because I never had the need to contact them about any problem and thats a good thing in my opinion. Uptime has been impressive to say the least and is evident that they allocate the resources for every client.

Also I will let you know that I used over 140GB of bandwidth in the past month and a half, I was expecting an email saying “Quit it this isn’t P2P”. Any way so far nothing bad has happened, if you are looking for a reliable, honest and affordable VPS company then look no further Slicehost is the company for you . I will be renewing soon for another 3 months of service.

4/1/2008 I am still a customer.


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    Comment by slicematt

    Luis, thanks for taking the time to write this up, we appreciate it. Let us know if you need anything.

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