Your Idea Of Linux?

Over the years I have become active in different forums and by different I mean beginner to intermediate level and often I get to witness somebody new to Linux with no previous experience of any kind trying to use a distribution like Backtrack only to find themselves with out any idea on how to use it then blame Linux for the inability. Linux in general has made great advances in providing a GUI but inside remains a command line based OS, which is a huge contrast when compared to Windows which provides a wizard for everything even simple tasks. Regardless of the Linux distribution it may require some level of user input to work around some of the problems created by proprietary software. I like to believe that the reason behind Linux existence is because some people want more that even themselves cant explain. I don’t want to insult anybody but first you have to learn and understand what it means to use Linux. If you cant set the IP address statically then you really need to research networking in general. There is no reason to use Backtrack for other than penetration testing, I know that cracking WEP seems cool but by doing so without the proper understanding and asking on a forum only proves you are lame. It’s an insult to use a tool with out understanding what is for. I guess my point can be proven by reading the reactions to threads asking for help in cracking the neighbors AP. This is the only time when I approve hostile reply s which later become a witch hunt. If you don’t know what file system backtrack uses then please back off. My conclusion is don’t insult others by wasting their time, do your research and only ask for help when doing legitimate research. If all you want to accomplish is crack the neighbors AP then don’t waste your time and others by asking such questions, instead grab a networking book or search for online resources. Before asking for help in a forum use Google If you have no other option then I recommend