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Windows Mobile Makes Any Mobile Phone Revert 10 Years

“A phone represents part of your personality” some hobo told me the other day, well here is mine. In the beginning I wanted a phone with other (third party) software options Windows Mobile seem like the right choice, 5 months later I stopped buying 3rd party applications and just want it a phone. Then the Windows Mobile experience and performance made the rest of the time feel like I deserved some kind of mobile punishment. Remember “PALM” it was the same feeling. Some day a group of researchers will figure out how Microsoft approves a project for release. I bet some CrackBerry owner is making fun of me.

This piece of crap makes me feel bad about my personality

Face it

  • The interface sucks
  • The actual operating system under-performs
  • You get the whole Windows experience in your pocket

Don’t make the same mistake I made instead get a BlackBerry if you want to squeeze the most out of your time, but if you want a plain cool phone with a good amount of exiting features the iPhone is the answer. Sooner or later you will want a phone just a phone to make calls WM is not the option.

Take it from me a sucker
Luis Ventura