IDE's Are An Alien Life Form

For higher education institutions learning a new programing language also means learning how to use an IDE, most preachers have their favorite for some reason. That’s when I noticed the environment around me after the class had to spend an unnecessary portion of the semester learning how to use the dam IDE and only to later learn how to get around it. Perhaps the intention was never to marginalize my learning status but sure it was accomplished thanks to the IDE and it’s preachers. I rather be productive than spend 15 minutes working on the tool thats supposed to help me. IDEs are just environments within another environment used to compensate for the lack of advance tools (rather necessary) in the same environment (confusing ha!). Are we really in such a position where the current and commonly integrated environments lack built in productivity.

  • An intelligent and efficient text editor
  • interpreter
    or just get a Linux box

This post was spurred after some hobo recommended me Erick Python IDE, keep in mind that my intention is not bash any IDE in general. This is my blog and it’s job it to reflect my views. IDE belongs on the Windows environment , post production hell.