Intentional Stupidity Should Be A Crime

Today I read the most ignorant comment of my life. The following comment is ignorant, misguided, and retarded. I feel sorry for the author who probably thinks of innovation as an inconvenience and can’t tell the difference between the ARM / X86 architectures.

Apple will likely be shipping this type of device later this year, eons before some wishful-thinking bunch of freeware zealots will ever actually build a real product. (Look how well the “one laptop per kid” project turned out! D’oh!) The iPhone is already this device– just needs a bigger touchscreen.

Let’s dissect the comment.

First sentence

Okay, the author starts by making a prediction on a Apple product. Second half of the first sentence “bunch of freeware zealots” that’s when the authors level of ignorance becomes evident. First of all there’s a huge difference between freeware and open source they are not the same.

Second sentence

The OLPC was a non profit move with the goal of bringing computers to poor and developing nations. I don’t see any real similarities with the tablet, I am sure a private company will be in charge of the production and distribution create the product > distribute > sell> profit>. The only thing they have in common is the use of open source software. The iPhone requires a contract or else it will cost an arm and a leg, also available without a contract but at a much higher price. I don’t think Apple will be adding a bigger screen to any of their devices. It’s almost offensive when some retard compares open source to freeware “fuck off”. Now I feel like a soldier taking part in a flame war.