Apple Kill Switch Belongs Inside The Corporate World

Remote kill switch abilities are usually found in the smart phones the corporate world uses, this feature is usually necessary because loosing company related data is never a good thing. I understand that an employer has the right to enforce what ever policies it wants on it’s employees because they previously agreed to the company rules and policies provided. The all too common Internet filtering is one example. That’s why I find the idea (now a concrete one) that Apple had the audacity to implement such a feature in the iPhone. Both Apple and AT&T are being paid for the service and device they are giving nothing away for free. Customers are customers not employees they are not corporate employees. Apple’s defense for the kill switch is that of a company who argues it knows best how to protect the mobile platform from malicious software. This is Apple’s anti-virus. So far it looks like an invasion and abuse from Apple toward the user’s. Perhaps if they took the time to make this clear instead of just remotely killing an application without an explanation I would not be mad.