When Life Gives You Lemons, Build Your Own NAS

I am kind of tired (mentally) after searching online for months I have no concrete results on a NAS for my two computer network. My requirements were decent:

  • Less than 200 dollars for the device
  • less than 200 USD
  • decent ARM processor at least
  • Linux
  • decent amount of RAM

All I found was the NSLU2 which was hackable and affordable but fell short on performance. Being the AKA geek the only choice I have left is to create my own solution. In the process I might end up with more than aNAS. All I know is that it’s porpuse is to work 24/7 and run services. My idea is to build a small form factor box with affordable components for under 150 USD . The box will have 512MB of RAM and a hard drive for secondary storage. The case I plan to buy from a thrift store. So far I am thinking of using Ubuntu 8.04LTS (server). Fortunately I happen to stumble across the Intel D201GLY Motherboard it’s obvious this little baby runs on the x86 architecture which beats ARM. The D201GLY features an embedded Celeron 215 processor, form factor is micro ATX, up to 1GB or RAM all for less than 75 dollars on most online stores. Also I happened to have a spared hard drive, and a stick of RAM which lowers the price of the project. Let’s see how this project ends, but I do know that it will be far better than any of the solutions out there.