Apple Cut Me Short On VOIP

Apple shot it self intentionally on the foot, they had created the perfect WIFI phone. All other stand alone VOIP Wifi phones either fall short of delivering what’s promised or are incompetent products that cost too much to justify the purchase in the first place. Apple had the perfect solution along with all the ingredients stable software, brand name, innovative hardware, and low acquisition cost. The Touch is a remarkable internet device capable of many functions surely VOIP would be nothing on the device. However, Apple decided to make a crippled internet oriented device by not including a microphone or Bluetooth. I can actually image this cool device on my home network on a Skype unlimited subscription or a pay per minute SIP provider replacing my home line. This was the chance for VOIP to become a real solution for the home network. not only would it serve for making calls but also bring the internet and the various services like mail into a true unified device. VOIP providers like SIP and Skype would have no problems creating and distributing applications for the platform. Have no doubt that VOIP shinning star Skype would be among the first to distribute it’s application for it’s large customer base in a matter of weeks. Yet, all can do is dream and live without a stand alone VOIP solution. Why would Apple miss this great opportunity, the had it.