Peek Constructive Critique

Peek is simple device that only sends and receives email, the whole device is made for email only. The device is priced at $100 USD and requires a $20 USD month plan for access to the mobile data network. It’s been along time since I’ve seen an attempt to sell a device that only does one thing, the only other device that used to be successful was the mobile phone not any more. Before I start my constructive critique of the device I just want to make the fact that this is not an iPhone do not compared it to an iPhone the two are very different devices.

I like the effort and concept but can’t help but feel the device falls short of it’s immense potential. First of all the monthly plan exceeds what an individual would pay for email only it just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps it’s out of the makers will but the appropriate monthly cost should be $10 to $12 USD. The $20 USD monthly play would be justified if the device integrated a web browser and optionally something like or Google earth.

OK, I get it it’s a text device then either IM or text messaging should be an option. People would have no problem paying an extra $4 USD a month for a fair amount of messages each month.

May Peek Inc should have pick up where Palm left and integrate an organizer and contacts application. Although the Peek currently provides a fraction of the features I do not feel it’s a unified integration. Would it be lame to consider Google Apps.

It may be too early but the Peek might have a change, it’s not meant to a smart phone by any means. The lack of a web browser makes me doubt it will last more than two years in the market. Aimed at the non techies , gives me little confidence in the company future plans to improve the device and add new features.