Postfix Installation on Ubuntu 8.04

The goal of this article is to install Postfix on a Linux server in order to send emails (Ubuntu 8.04), in case you didn’t know Postfix is very easy to configure and the whole process only takes a few minutes. If you want to set up Postfix on your server but do not have access to a static IP perhaps you should read my DDNS article first.


First Install Postfix along with Telnet and Mailx(need to test the configuration).

sudo apt-get install postfix telnet mailx

Before configuring Postfix you should read the available configuration options. You will be asked to provide a general Postfix configuration, in this case choose Internet Site. Now you are required to provide a domain name, for example purposes I typed And press OK to finalize the installation.

Verify the installation and configuration

Let’s test the new Postfix installation by sending an email to a working address.


Provide a subject and press enter. Write the message and press enter followed by a period, then press enter again. To skip the ‘CC:’ press enter twice. And now check your invoice, congratulations. If you want to reconfigure the installation at a later time type the following command.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix