Linux game: World of Goo

I do not blog that much about the software on my desktop but this time I had to write about the cross platform game World of Goo (Linux, Windows and Mac) by 2D Boy. The game consist of creating geometric structures of all shapes and sizes like bridges and towers in order to reach or circle around an existing structure while using balls of goo. Of course you have to take into consideration factors like stability, proper weight distribution, and the strength of the structure without using too many balls of goo. While at the same you have to collect more balls of using the existing balls of goo. If you like Lego then the game will feel familiar in no time. What can I say, whenever I see balls of goo in the street I see them differently, now I want to stack them.

Let the video explain

World of Goo Trailer 2 Director’s Cut
Uploaded by 2dboy

Excerpt from Wikipedia

The game is built around the idea of creating large structures using balls of goo. It is based on the prototype game Tower of Goo developed for Kyle Gabler’s rapid game prototyping Experimental Gameplay Project.[9] The game is divided into five chapters, each containing several levels. Each level has its own graphic and musical theme, giving it unique atmosphere.[5] There is also a bonus meta-game called World of Goo Corporation, where the objective is to build the highest tower using goo balls which the player collected through the course of the game. Players from all over the world can compete, as the height of the tower and number of goo balls used are being constantly uploaded to the 2D Boy server.

Oh, if that’s not enough the creators of the game offer a demo with the complete first chapter of the game with no limitations. To me that says how confident they are about the quality of the game. Give it a try, you will be buying the full game in no time. Hopefully you do not suck at puzzles. Links World of Goo home page 2D Boy home page Wikipedia entry for World of Goo