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mtop installation problem on Ubuntu/Debian

If you try to install mtop on Debian or Ubuntu you will be presented with an error preventing you from using the tool in the first place. The solution to the problem has been posted online for quite some time. If you want to avoid this problem consider replacing mtop for mytop. Otherwise try this.

The problem is that mtop uses an empty password for mysql root and for security reasons Debian/Ubuntu do not use an empty password. The solution comes from Launchpad user  Jean-Baptiste Lallement.

For those who are facing this issue and until a package dealing with it is released, a workaround is reset MySQL root password during install then re-enable it:

$ mysql -u root -p
* Enter the following MySQL command:
>SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD('');QUIT; 
* install mtop
apt-get install mtop
* Set MySQL root password to irs previous value:
$ mysql -u root -p

Again, I recommend you replace mtop for mytop


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