5 open source projects you should consider


pfSense pfSense is a powerful and versatile open source firewall/router based on FreeBSD that can be used on existing hardware. pfSense includes most of the features found on commercial and proprietary solutions. Equally important is the ability to control and administer pfSense from a web interface. The system can be further expanded by using the included package system. pfSense also makes for a great appliance platform, only limited by the ingenuity of the administrator. Category : Router / Firewall / VPN


Vyatta Vyatta is marketed as a replacement for some Cisco routers. Vyatta can function as a router,firewall, and VPN. The main advantages for using Vyatta is that it runs on commodity hardware thus removing the hardware limitations imposed by some vendors. Vyatta offers various types of paid subscriptions and hardware platforms via their web site. Category : Router / Firewall / VPN


Openfiler Openfiler is an operating system design to function as a Storage Area Network or Network Attached Storage. Openfiler supports a wide range of network protocols. Openfiler is a great way to introduce iSCSI to the network by using existing hardware without the high cost of an appliance. Administration is done from a web interface. Paid support and subscriptions are available from the Openfiler web site. Category : Network Storage


Clonezilla Clonezilla is a disk cloning utility for single system cloning and network based cloning of systems. Open source and free of charge makes Clonezilla a great alternative to Norton Ghost. Network protocols supported by Clonezilla are SSH, Samba, and Network File System (NFS). Category : Disaster recovery

Darik’s Boot and Nuke (“DBAN”)

DBAN DBAN is an open source project intended to erase all the data on a hard drive by overwriting it with random data in a safe and secure manner. DBAN makes hard drive recycling a safe option, meaning companies and individuals no longer have to worry about sensitive data falling in the hands of a third party. DBAN requires minimal user input reducing the chance for errors. Paid support is available in the form of EBAN. EBAN is the commercially supported version of DBAN and includes support for network booting and reporting. Category : Data destruction