Wine missing Tahoma font

I wanted to play a couple of Windows games on my Ubuntu 9.04 system. Both of the games required the Steam client. Steam had no problem downloading or installing the games under Wine. Except once a game was started the game menus were unreadable, this made play time a pain. Steam_unreadable The text was unreadable because the Tahoma(Microsoft) font is not part of Ubuntu(Linux). The solution is to download the font from the Microsoft website and install the executable.

Font installation

Download the Tahoma font executable Tahoma32.exe.


From the command line use Wine to install tahoma32.exe.

wine tahoma32.exe

You will have to agree to the license agreement by clicking on Yes. If everything installs without a problem you should see a new windows informing you that Tahoma Regular and Bold are now installed!. Restart Steam for the changes to take effect. Steam_readable