Htop: Like Top But Improved

We all know about Top the default process viewer for most Unix-like operating systems. While proven, Top has some limitations when it comes to displaying information.

Replace Top

Meet Htop an alternative process view to Top, with Htop you can view a full list of processes running in the system, if necessary you can also kill the processes by using the cursor and the F9 key. Process, memory, and swap status are colored to indicate changes. Process Hacker

Consider :

  • The arrow keys are actually used for something.
  • It’s in color. The color coding helps with organization and orientation.
  • CPU, swap, and memory have a graph that reports how they are doing.
  • Full view of processes.
  • You can use F9 key to end processes.

Htop is a worthy Top replacement for Top, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a chance.


, , — Jul 20, 2009