5 Reason why FireFox still has a long way to go

Mozilla has the personal web browser market formula right. I mean for a company that competes with the default web browser of the preferred operating system for personal use and still manages to gain a significant market share is something to be proud of. However, the enterprise or business market still a long way to go. Now here is a list of why I believe FireFox has a tough time entering the enterprise arena.

What’s up with Mozilla

They are either uninterested in entering the enterprise market or are comfortable with serving the personal/home sector.

Managing settings via GPO

Is this even possible

Centralized update control

I don’t need or want to rely on the users to keep their systems up to date. Or have 250 systems hitting the update server at the same time.

IT mentality

Hey, don’t you know I have enough fires to put out. Now you want me to add even more. If it’s not bundled with the OS some IT pros will be skeptical and outright deniers.

User mentality

Users will call and say “Where’s the E” and all work will stall until the second coming.

Incompatible business applications

This is the result of Internet Explorer huge market share and the proliferation of lazy/incompetent developers who are allowed to behave and code like Mr. Suave. This problem shouldn’t even be a problem. Let’s face the fact if the application runs at a botch level with the current browser the organization will be happy and refuse to upgrade. I mean the stock would not go up if they announced they have changed from IE6 to FireFox. Let’s make one thing clear, this is not about moving from Internet Explorer to FireFox, but businesses moving from Internet Explorer 6 to something else like 7 or 8 and even FireFox. We can’t even get the one started and we want to start working on two.