5 reasons to consider pfSense

If you were expecting a detailed explanation of why I use pfSense ten look elsewhere. This is a short list of why I use pfSense.

Rule from the browser

pfSense requires no previous knowledge of BSD. If you can use a web browser and have knowledge networking then you should have no trouble using it. I still love Cisco and the command line.

You can choose where to install

Vendors make money by selling hardware and software and they usually cripple either one to force you to upgrade to next line of products. With pfSense you get none of that, you can choose to use embedded, desktop, or server hardware for your installation.

Use it as an appliance

You can get more out of pfSense than just a firewall/router. You can turn pfSense in to a VPN, sniffer, DNS, DHCP, and even a VoIP appliance.

Packages, packages, and more packages

Who said you have to settle with what’s included with the click of a mouse you can install over 50 different packages and expand the capabilities of pfSense.

Oh, and this stuff too

You should check the pfSense web site for a complete list of all the features supported by pfSense.