9 things I hate to hear in IT

Get of my lawn!, just for this week.

The information highway

You know what really Grinds My Gears? People in the 19th century. Why don’t they get with the freakin program? It’s called an automobile, folks. It’s much faster than a horse!

Use of the word Cyber

Cybercriminals, Cyber world, cyberpunk, and cyber enchilada.

The application only works with IE6


My computer has this Chip?

Yes, computers have them. And you are referring to which one?.

I really need to install this program

No, I don’t think iTunes is critical to the business.

Everything is a virus

Adware and Trojan horses need some love too.

My computer has no important data, why should I care?

You asshole it’s because of you that I get some much spam and failed login attempts.

I can’t access Gmail, do something!

You know I don’t have a direct line to Eric Schmidt, I can’t even get pass the For English press 1, for Spanish press 2.

Not everyone in IT does help desk support and not every one in help desk support has access to critical infrastructure

The people in charge of running the critical infrastructure are busy running the critical infrastructure. They can’t be bother to tell you personally why Exchange is acting funny. And John who is nice enough to be on the line with you is lucky enough to even have access to Google, now if you wait just a minute he might be able to Google the question for you.