How to get text books on the cheap

Not a technical post but I hope it helps you get text books at cheaper prices. Higher education institutions are expensive, labs fees are expensive, and text books are expensive. From my experience even the most insignificant text book has a starting price of $140 USD. And that’s because text books stores are there for profit. Here is how I get cheaper books(or used to).


Perhaps the next best thing since Netflix, Chegg offer text book rentals at a fair price. Shipping is is never more that a few dollars(returning books is free) and you have the option of buying the text books you rented. This is my preferred way of getting text books on the cheap since it means I don’t have to hunt for the deals. Always allow some time for processing.

Post on the college board

Or whatever you call it. You will be surprised to find other students posting flyers selling text books from previous classes. I bet you will find a cheaper price than buying used from the book store.


Craiglist is the equivalent is the online equivalent of a board. Asides from all the call services and illegal substance distribution services you can find other students selling the books from previous semesters. Always exercise precaution when dealing with strangers, try to make the transaction on campus.

Online stores

Doesn’t always offer the best prices, but if you check on you may be able to find good deals on new and used text books.