Phoronix Test Suite Available In Live CD Form

Phoronix Test Suite is one of the best benchmarking solutions available with a large number of options to bench at no cost. I am glad to see such a great suite available in the form of a Live-CD, meaning that in order to start benchmarking you no longer have to spend your time installing the application. Instead your time can be spend benchmarking rather than configuring the application. Phoronix Live CD This is specially good news for Windows users because PTS only supports NIX* operating systems(Linux, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, & BSD), now all you have to do is boot from the Live-CD and start benching. Just in case here is the official description for PTS:

PTS Desktop Live is a Linux distribution designed to provide a free software platform for carrying out system tests and hardware benchmarks in an automated, reproducible, and effective manner. PTS Desktop Live is designed around the Phoronix Test Suite with the operating system itself consisting of a stripped down Linux environment, then built upon that is the Phoronix Test Suite with its test profiles and suites. This distribution is not a standard Linux desktop with the normal throng of packages. Testing with PTS Desktop Live is intended to be via a Live DVD or Live USB (i.e. flash drive or memory card) environment. PTS Desktop Live makes it very easy to deploy the Phoronix Test Suite across an array of systems, isolates any software differences when seeking to perform hardware comparisons, and is designed to be very easy to carry out these Linux benchmarks even for a first-time Linux user. Features: - Test Your Computer For Stability Problems, Measure Your System’s Performance - Phoronix Test Suite 2.0 Integration - 50+ Test Profiles / 10+ Test Suites Available On Disc - GTK GUI For Managing The Benchmarking Process - Share Results With Others Via Phoronix Global - Simplified Linux Desktop - All Benchmarking Done In A Live Environment, No Need To Install To Hard Drive