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No audio on Intel DG31PR motherboard

If you have a motherboard like the Intel DG31PR which uses the Realtek ALC888 audio chipset you might come across a problem where the on-board audio will not work despite having the latest driver.

The problems seems to be related to a conflict with the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UUA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio. Fortunately, the solutions is a simple one.

I experienced this problem on a system running Windows XP Professional SP3

In order to solve this problem the UUA driver needs to be disabled and uninstalled and then just re-installed the Intel/Realtek provided driver.


First you need to open the Device Manager go to Start > Run and type devmgmt.msc

With the Device Manager open search for and click to expand System devices > Now search for Microsoft UUA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.

UUA System Devices

UUA Device Manager

Right click on Microsoft UUA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio, click on Disable to disable the driver.

UUA Disable

With the driver disabled right click on the same to Uninstall the driver all together.

UUA Uninstall

Now reboot the system and install the drivers provided by the board manufacturer. It may be necessary to reboot the system again once the drivers are installed.


  1. Commented on
    Comment by Arun

    Hey Luis, your solution is really awesome. This really helped me get rid of the problem i am facing with the system. I suggest everyone who has similar problem can go with this…..

  2. Commented on
    Comment by Saatvik

    Thank you so very much!

    The only sensible piece of advice I got after labouring for more than 4 hours.

    This site will henceforth be my first point of reference whenever required.

    Thanks once again. Now to listen to some music while working…

  3. Commented on
    Comment by cezar

    Thank you very very very much !!!
    Its work !

  4. Commented on
    Comment by Jeffrey Alejo

    Thank you for sharing this, it really works!

    I’m trying to figure out this one with lots of trials but I haven’t found the solution until I found this post.(^_^)

  5. Commented on
    Comment by Jack

    Many thanks Luis!!! After re-installing XP on my trusty DG31PR computer, this problem was driving me NUTS until I found your simple and easy solution. It worked perfectly!! Your solution was so simple compared to the other so called “advise” I found on the net. Outstanding. I’ll be checking out the rest of your site, as it is now bookmarked. Thanks again, / Jack in California, USA

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    Comment by Hrishi

    hey I hv same problem but I don’t have Microsoft UAA bus driver in my devise manager my System is having XP SP2 Pro and same motherboard as mentioned above

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