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Enable ping on Windows Server 2008

By default Microsoft disables Ping on the Windows platform, probably as an added security measure. However Ping maybe needed for testing or monitoring purposes. The process to allow Windows Server to respond to Pings is minimal, requiring few changes to the Windows firewall.

Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Windows Firewall with Added Security


On the sidebar look for Inbound Rules > File and Print Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-IN) > right click on Enable Rule


The rule has now been enabled and the server will respond to Pings.


If you wish to later disable ping all you have to do is right click on the rule and select > Disable Rule


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    […] After a quick google search, learnt that ping is disabled in win 2008 be default. I followed the link to enable it. Now I am able to ping […]

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    Comment by Brian Dao

    Keep in mind that by enabling ping reply on your servers, your servers could be subjected to DoS (deny of service) attack since flooding a server with a large number of ping requests is very easy to do. You should take additional steps to further lock down the scope by right click on the File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4 In) rule and if possible, specify which servers/computers and/or IP range can ping your servers.

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    Comment by WaC AcE

    I have 4 servers and a vcenter running in my network, the vcenter device pings all devices on the network but doesn’t reply ping request from any device on the network. can you please help me with this issue. i have tried following options which didn’t work:
    1: changed cable
    2: used both network cards on the device
    3: directly connected pc to the vcenter device without any switch involvement
    4: disabled firewall on vcenter device

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    Comment by Aşk Yakar

    thank you

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