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Steady State for Windows 7

Microsoft knows that admins like what Steady State has to offer for Widows XP and Vista, its also clear there will be no official support for Windows 7. Instead Microsoft opted to release a white paper and a reference document on how Windows 7 and group policy can be used to achieve the same results on Windows 7.

Ubuntu 10.10 Release candidate

Canonical released the official release candidate for the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), if everything goes like expected the stable release will occur on October 10.

Google URL shortner avaible to the public

There are many shorteners out there with great features, so some people may wonder whether the world really needs yet another. As we said late last year, we built with a focus on quality. With, every time you shorten a URL, you know it will work, it will work fast, and it will keep working. You also know that when you click a shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam using the same industry-leading technology we use in search and other products.

BlackBerry Tablet or Playbook is in the horizon

Called the BlackBerry Playbook. the device is a a “Flash-loving,” “device-pairing,” “enterprise-ready” tablet with an “uncompromised browsing experience” on a 7-inch screen. It is 9.7 millimeters thick and features a high-res wide screen display that supports 1080p with HDMI and USB ports.

BlackBerry wants a piece of the cake and they are serious about it. iPad for hipsters , BB Tablet for bean counters.