Open PDF Files With Chrome And Make It The Default Viewer

Users of Google Chrome for Windows will probably be happy to know that Chrome can also be used to view PDF files in your desktop or anywhere in the computer thanks to the built-in PDF viewer. What makes this feature of Chrome neat is the fact that it can be used to replace Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewer. This means convenience for the user and one less application to keep updated. All you need to follow this tutorial is Google Chrome version 8.0.552.215 or better. I tried to make the tutorial as easy as possible to follow if you have any question leave a comment.

Instruct Windows To Use Chrome To Open PDF Files

Start by finding any .PDF file in your computer and right click on the file. Click on Properties. Search for the Opens with: section and click on the Change button. Now we get to choose the application with which to open PDF files, this computer has no viewer installed. We need to instruct Windows to use Chrome whenever the user click on a PDF file. Click on the Browse button, this is the path where Chrome can be found. You can copy and paste the path below, but remember you need to change the UserNameGoesHere portion of the path below to match that of your computer. C:UsersUserNameGoesHereAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe Click on the Open button to continue. The path does not change for 32-bit or 64-bit users. Chrome now appers as an option, click on Chrome to highlight it and then on the OK button. Now that we are back in the Properties window you can see that Chrome appears as the program with which to open .PDF files. Click on the OK button. If you followed this tutorial correctly you will notice that all the PDF files have a different icon, click on one to open it. This is the result, Chrome doing more that just being a web browser.

Download: Google Chrome