Convert A USB Flash Drive From FAT To NTFS

While not a common event I do tend to run in to the 4 GB limit that comes with using FAT32 as a file system on flash drives, which is why I keep an extra 8GB USB flash drive formated as NTFS for those times when I need to move large files(4GB+) to other systems that are not connected to the network. Thanks to Windows the process required to convert a USB flash drive from FAT(16/32) to NTFS is easy to follow and can be done from the GUI with Microsoft’s own tools.

The Conversion

Go to Start > My Computer and select the drive you wish to convert. In my case my flash drive has been designated drive letter G. ntfs-1 Left click on the drive and select Format. ntfs-2 Now we change the file system. Default file system is FAT32 instead select NTFS. ntfs-3 Click on Start. ntfs-4 Formatting will remove all data on the drive, press OK to start the process. ntfs-5 The flash drive has now been formatted to NTFS, click on OK to continue. ntfs-6 Just to make sure you can left click on the recently formatted drive and select Properties, the file system in now NTFS. ntfs-7 Note: While it may seem like a great idea to leave the flash drive formatted as NTFS you should be aware that you can’t treat it like FAT. I would recommend that you first safetly remove the media, otherwise don’t be surprised if you experience data loss. combined-safetely-remove If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.