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Looking For Ubuntu Or Tux Case Badges?

Well, did you know that ZaReason the Linux hardware builder also sells high quality Tux and Ubuntu Case Badges. You can expect: Aluminum construction just like the badge that comes standard with most Windows PCs.

Detailed specifications:

  • Aluminum base
  • Secure adhesive
  • Rounded corners
  • 1 1/8″ x 3/4″ — 3.175 cm x 1.9 cm

I consider the prices to be reasonable, the minimum order is two badges for $1.00 USD. The more you buy the better the deal gets.

  • 2 badges x 1.00 USD
  • 10 badges x 4.00 USD
  • 100 badges x 28.00 USD
  • + 1.25 Shipping

To prevent damage while in transit the badges are shipped inside a plastic shell, reducing the change of damage.

The truth is that each badge was of higher quality than I expected and for the price they seem to be the best deal in the Internet. I am confident the design will last a while and will not fade easily after use. Shipping was quick (USPS) and only costs an additional $1.25.

Next time you are in need of case badges head over to, you will not regret it.

Note: To My Friends Outside The US

If you wish to buy the badges but live outside the US you can still buy the badges but instead of buying directly from you will need to buy them via the ZaReason Amazon Store. Shipping costs will of course be a little higher.




  1. Commented on
    Comment by Gregory Opera

    Amazon tells me they can’t be shipped to Australia!

    Can you fix this please? I was gonna buy thirty (30) of them!

    1. Commented on
      Comment by luisventura

      Sorry for the late reply, the company that makes them is send them an email they are usually pretty cool and accommodating.

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