Iperf Alternatives For Windows

Iperf is the tool to go to when you need an idea of what your network throughput is, the thing is that it requires some use of the command line. Which some people may find challenging, but just because of that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. From personal experience I know of two applications that mimic Iperf, the difference is that both applications come with a GUI. I am talking about LAN Speed Test and NetStress two applications for Windows design to network throughput measurement.


Not only is NetStress capable of measuring network performance it also has a neat graphical interface, if you are into graphs than consider NetStress. Just like Iperf you need to install NetStress on both the client and server to properly measure two ends of the network. Features

  • single instance of the application (i.e. each instance can be used as server or server plus client)
  • supports both TCP and UDP data transfers
  • supports multiple data streams
  • variable TCP / UDP segment size
  • rate of packet transmission (Packets Per Second)
  • variable Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
  • uplink and downlink modes
  • auto node discovery
  • choice of display units (KBps, Kbps, MBps, Mbps)
  • support for multiple network adapters

Source nutsaboutnets.com Perhaps the only downside is that unlike Iperf, NetStress is not a portable application. NetStress is available free charge. Download: NetStress

LAN Speed Test

LAN Speed Test is another options for those of you who need to measure one side of the network, in order to measure you are required to provide access to an existing network file share where LAN Speed Test can write a file to. You can say this application takes a simpler approach to measuring your network. The application is available in two forms free and paid. Just like Iperf LAN Speed Test is a portable application. Download: LAN Speed Test I still prefer Iperf since I’ve been around many IT professionals who swear by it, but in the end its your choice.