Work With The Right Tools

Breaking from the habit, I am posting about a different topic. Save your self the regret and buy the right tools for the job. If you are planning to pry open an enclosure then I recommend you spend the extra money and buy your self a Spudger. Don’t be cheap and try to use a flat-head screw driver otherwise you might damage the plastic. Just in case any one wonders why would I buy a spudger for, my little sister asked me to see what was wrong with her Sony PSP(games would not load). Turns out the UMD drive is to blame, in certain situations the UMD Drive can become damaged when dropped. Now, I am just waiting the replacement UMD drive I bought from China to arrive. Despite being in hands of an 8 year old and after three years of service the PSP has no cosmetic damage and until this moment this is the only major problem. BTW: I bought the Spudger from Amazon. Added some pictures for you enjoyment.