Roll Back A Problematic NVIDIA Driver

Device driver or software driver are a must if you want to get the most out of what ever hardware you are using and in my case it happens to be a graphics card but this time updating to the latest driver released by NVIDIA resulted in an annoying problem. Whenever I play Battlefield 2 Bad Company I sometimes get a black screen right when I am about to shoot some punk. NVIDIA drivers now support Braille ?. In Windows rolling back to a previous driver version is surprisingly easy all you have to use is the Windows Device Manager. As of this writing the latest driver for my NVIDIA 8800GTS graphics card is 296.10.

Device Manager

From Windows go to Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management or go to Run and type compmgmt.msc. On the left sidebar search for and click on Device Manager. Search for Display Adapters and right click on yours, click on Properties. Select the Driver tab. Click on Roll Back Driver. In order to revert back to the old drive you have to click on Yes. Wait for the changes to take effect you might get a temporary black screen. To see if the changes were successful check in the NVIDIA Control Panel.