Create A Bootable Deft Linux USB Drive In Windows

The Deft Linux team has made available two Deft Linux images for those of you who want to create USB bootable Deft installations. If you try to create a bootable installation using the provided ISO the result will be an unbootable installation For this tutorial I will be using a 8GB flash drive, the installation will overwrite the contents of the target drive. You can choose the 2GB or 4GB image Deft Linux image, the 2GB image is considered deprecated but should still do the job. I recommend you download the 4GB image, it has everything you will need. Required: DeftPen_v710-usb_4gb.dd.gz - Gzip compressed Deft Linux image. 7-Zip - This application will decompressed the image. Win32DiskImager.exe - This application will write the image in the USB drive.

Image Download And Preparation

While you can choose to download Deft Linux from any mirror, I opted to download mine from DeftPen_v710-usb_4gb.dd.gz is a compressed image, you will need a utility like 7-Zip to decompress the image.

Write The Image

For Windows I recommend a utility called Win32 Disk Imager available at no cost from Download pick the stable version. After decompressing open and click on Win32DiskImager.exe to start the application. Only keep connected the USB drive you wish to write the image to (avoid accidental overwrite), in this Windows recognized my 8GB USB drive and assigned the label F:. Click on the Folder icon and browse to the location where DeftPen_v710-usb_4gb.dd resides. Note : By default Win32 Disk Imager will only display files ending with the extension .img and .IMG, change the extension type to *.* and all other file extensions will be displayed such as .dd, .bin, etc. Select DeftPen_v710-usb_4gb.dd and click on Save. With the source image selected you can click on Write to start the operation. Confirm you wish to overwrite the removable drive by clicking on the Yes button. Process is displayed. If the write was successful you should be presented with a window informing you of the fact. Reboot, but don’t forget to set the BIOS to boot from removable media. Depending on the system BIOS the options might appear different.

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