Scan a Drive for Errors with HD Tune

If you suspect one of your drives contains damaged blocks you can use HD Tool a Windows tool to check for them. The interface is simple to use and understand. Keep in mind that scanning and entire drive for bad blocks will take a long time and possibly hours. If HD Tune finds any bad blocks it will report them as a percentage. HD Tune can be downloaded from, there are two version available one is paid, the other is free (this is the one you want).

How To

Scanning for bad blocks is as simple as starting the application and selecting the drive you wish to scan from the drop down list. I will be scanning my WD 640GB hard drive. HD Tune After the target drive is selected click on the Error Scan tab. HD Tune Click on the Start to start the scan. HD Tune The scan might take a long time, it all depends on the size of the drive to be scanned. HD Tune The scan yield no bad blocks, the green blocks represent good blocks. In the event bad blocks are discovered they will be represented as red squares. HD Tune


Using HD Tune to discover bad block is quite easy thanks to the simple interface, this sort of operation will always take a considerable amount no matter what. If your scan yield multiple bad blocks then I recommend backing up the data and migrating over to a safer drive. Comments are always welcomed.

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