How To Create AVG Bootable USB Drive

AVG Rescue CD is great way of removing malware from a Windows PC for when the operating system is unresponsive. You can download the ISO for AVG Rescue CD from AVG at no cost. Here’s what you will need prior to creating the bootable USB drive:

  1. Download the appropriate .ISO file from the AVG site
  2. Download UNetbootin, Windows application

Format The USB Drive

Make sure the USB drive formatted to the FAT file system. The Windows formatting application works just fine. format usb format usb

Creating The Bootable USB

Start UNetbootin by clicking on the executable. Start executable Click on Diskimage. Boot USB AVG And browse to the location where the AVG Rescue CD .ISO file was downloaded to. Boot USB AVG Make sure select the correct .ISO image. Boot USB AVG With the .ISO selected you can now select the USB drive where the ISO image will be stored, my USB drive was recognized as F:, and click on OK to start the process. Boot USB AVG Process will take a few minutes. Boot USB AVG Click on Exit the USB drive was successfully created. Boot USB AVG Make sure the BIOS is set to boot from Removable Devices also know as USB drives not doing so will result in not being able to boot from the USB drive. Boot USB AVG