Update Samsung SCX 3405W Printer Firmware

This post is meant to provide a solution for those you experiencing wireless problems with your Samsung SCX 3405W printer. While the printer itself works just fine I did notice the wireless connectivity would drop and the printer would not hold the assigned static IP address which is essential for a device that is supposed at the same address. Another sign of trouble was that fact that every time I pinged the printer it would result in pings of 500ms to 700ms which is not right for a device that is just a few feet from the access point.

Note: steps may vary since my printer is already updated, I am providing instructions from memory

Visit the following link at the Samsumg support website and click on the firmware section, the download is just 9.5 MB http://www.samsung.com/hk_en/support/model/SCX-3405W/XSS-downloads Here’s what you will need prior to updating the printer firmware:

  1. A Windows computer to perform the upgrade from
  2. Connect the printer to the Windows computer via the USB cable
  3. Firmware SCX3405W_V3.00.01.17.exe downloaded from the Samsung link mentioned above
  4. Patience

Let’s Update

Double click on the executable you downloaded from the Samsung website. Update printer firmware Click on Run. Update printer firmware Choose USB Connected Printer. Update printer firmware Click on Agree. Update printer firmware Click on the checkbox(necessary step), now click on Update Firmware. The printer will restart and you will see some digits appear in the printers display, you shouldn’t worry it might take a few minutes to complete. Update printer firmware Click on OK and Exit the application. Update printer firmware


After the update my printer no longer disconnects from the wireless network and whenever I pint the printer results hover at around 16ms to 40ms which is far better than before. The printer can now hold the static IP address I assigned.


, — May 23, 2013