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How to Print on an Envelope with LibreOffice

Printing on an envelope with LibreOffice is actually easy, the hardest part being handling the envelope after printing is done.

Here’s what you will need:

  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Regular envelop(mine is a type #10)
  • Printer(Mine is a Samsung laser printer)

Obviously before starting the the tutorial insert the envelope on your printer paper tray, the position may vary depending on your printer. In my printer the envelopes are loaded sideways. Also keep in mind that laser printers will warm the envelope glue which will become somewhat sticky, just make sure that once the envelope is out of the printer you separate the flap to prevent it from sticking to the envelope permanently.

Printing on Envelopes

Open LibreOffice Writer and click on Insert > Envelope

A new window opens. There are two boxes where you will input the typical information that goes into an envelope. The Addressee information goes on the top and the sender information on the bottom.

On the top of the window click on the Format tab, this tab allows you to select the envelope type. Note: In my case I use envelope type #10 commonly received in the mail.

Change any field you consider necessary. When done click on Insert. This will insert the envelope information into a document.

Now you can once again review the information(again), if you spot any mistakes you can still make changes. If everything is accurate click on the Printer icon to print the information in the envelope.

And here is the result.

If you have any comments use the section below to leave one. Thank you.


  1. Commented on
    Comment by Darcy

    This method creates a document page as well as an envelope. My printer requires a set up for envelopes that holds them with movable bars. LebreOffice then forces me to print both the document and the envelope. The printer can’t print the document so it never prints the page two which is the envelope. How to do I tell LebreOffice to only print page 2?

    1. Commented on
      Comment by KenH

      You don’t tell Libre, but the printer dialog box has a place to tell which pages to print. Just click the “print page” and enter the number of envelope page (page 1) to print envelope. To print rest of doc, tell to print pages 2 to… what is end page of doc. Perhaps best is to create a new doc for envelope.

  2. Commented on
    Comment by Nancy Wild

    I have followed all the steps, but when I print the envelope, it prints 1/2 a line at the very top for the sender’s address and then the recipient’s address is only about 1 inch from the top.

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