Notepad++ and FileZilla Tip

For those of us who use Notepad++ for text editing will be happy to know that FileZilla can use it as the default text editor. This might be old news for some of you but I just want to get the word out there, I have seen people download the text file first then open the text editor. Here is my simple tip on using Notepad++ in conjunction with FileZilla for easy text editing. This tip causes Notepad++ to start every time you want to edit a file by choosing the edit option in FileZilla.

  • Install FileZilla and Notepad++ if you haven’t already
  • Open FileZilla and click on Edit (top bar) > Settings > Remote file editing
  • Now click on the Browse box, after the new window opens search for the folder Program Files open it and search again for the folder named Notepad++ open it
  • Double click on the icon Notepad++, we are back in the menu now choose the option Always use default editor
  • Click on OK, to test wheter you can edit a file using our set up upload a text file hover the mouse pointer above the file we wish to edit and do right click and choose the option View / Edit. If everything went well Notepad++ will open with the test file.
    After saving the file FileZilla will ask if you want to upload the file back to the server answer yes.

Free Software For Windows Mobile 5

If you own a smart phone you might interested in the following software they all have a couple of things in common which are free and run on Windows Mobile 5. All of the software mentioned in this post has been tested in my Motorola Q, I only recommend what I use. This is an update. IRIS Browser The IRIS browser renders websites like no other browser available in Windows Mobile, IRIS renders websites as if you were using Internet Explorer or Firefox and it’s free. Google Maps for Windows Mobile Home page Download GmobileSync Great tool if you want to sync your Google calendar with the smart phone calendar. Kevtris Feels like Tetris, looks like Tetris, but you can compare your score with other players online. Moto Q Flashlight Free application which allows you to use the camera flash as a flash light with out having to use the camera, plus it can do SOS signals among other things. Fring Fring bring VOIP and IM to Windows Mobile phones in a single package, supports major providers like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and AIM among others. If you use Twitter Fring has built in support no need for web browser it can all be controlled from one application. ShoZu If you have a blog, Flickr or other internet service that you wish to send photos then this is the application. Total Commander Fast and stable Total Commander gives you access to all the internal files on you phone (Like File Manager) plus FTP access. Viigo So far the best RSS reader I have found for Windows Mobile 5. GooSync Google Calendar and contacts mobile device synchronization. MSN Direct Displays news, weather, and stock updates in the home screen Pocket Nester Play Nintendo games using Pocket Nester Mysaifu JVM Java Virtual Machine Windows Live Mobile Mail, local search, Windows Messanger, and other services If you have any recommendation leave a comment

Nes Emulator for Windows Mobile 5

If you ever wanted it play NES games on your phone well this is your lucky post, this is a very simple post on how to install and run Pocket Nester Plus on a Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phone. To download Pocket Nester Plus click the link below and download the two files Pocket Nester Plus and tGetFile.dll. Source for all needed files


After all the files are downloaded and transfered to the phone :

  • Open the “File Manager”, search for the “My Documents” folder open it.
  • Search for the file “tgetfile.spvarm.CAB” open it and choose the location to install, by now “tgetfile” has been installed.
  • Go back to the “File Manager” and open “PocketNesterPlus.exe”, if the programs runs congratulations. Now we have to get some NES ROM’s you can get them from, unzip it and transfer to the phone.

For NES ROM’S visit the following site :

  • Again go to “File Manager” and open “Pocket Nester Plus”, the emulator starts click on “File” then “Open ROM”. Search for the ROM you transfer and click on it. After the game starts the keys may not respond that’s because we have to map them to the keys on the phone.
  • The following step can be confusing and most of the job will be done by “you”, mapping the keys will be up to your personal preference. Go to the emulator and click on “options” then “controllers”.

The mapping of the keys will vary from phone to phone. For more information on the emulator files or settings please go to.

The state of Open Source

The state of open source seems better than ever some would say, so here is my opinion on the past and present. In 2007 Linux made a great push for the low cost PC market and a PC manufacturer (DELL) began selling Linux on desktops as an alternative to Windows after all they have been offering Linux on servers for a long time. Linux on desktops and laptops seems to be one of the best ways to introduce the general public to Open Source. Another highlight that got me exited was the use of Linux on mobile devices ranging from mobile phones to internet oriented devices specifically the Nokia N Internet Tablet series (N800 successor to the N770 ), Motorola also released the RAZR 2 the second to use a Linux based platform (Z6 was first). The released of the ASUS eee (now renamed) which in my opinion attempts the position it self between a smart phone and laptop while also bring along a keyboard and reduction on size not to mention the price. For those who love touch screens more than keys or the other way, well now you have options. Who in the world of Open Source didn’t hear about the OLPC a technology oriented initiative aimed to help kids learn in the developing world. Regardless of what everybody says I support this project because its a new attempt to help people gain skills, countries need technology to develop. This type of project has the ability to bring Open Source to the younger generation and build a user base where there was none. Open Source can start from scratch and see how it holds. One of Open Source greatest products is Linux (among others) and that’s the most notable offering to the world. Dependency can lead conformism don’t get me wrong there is a huge number of distributions out there with support from individuals and companies but name one project that’s not an OS or server oriented out there maybe cross platform with the same support and marketing (if any) or user base that gets close to Linux. Maybe we are trying to take big steps by changing the operating system first or maybe not. Just keep in mind that I am referring to the average user. Linux will always remain some what cryptic to the rest of the world because of the amount of choices offered, sometimes having too many choices can lead to confusion that’s not a bad thing after all because its the job of the community including my self to answer any questions. Of course I missed some other great devices running Linux out there but I wrote about what came to my mind first. I only have one huge disappointment there was no toaster with network capabilities that also runs Linux, a man can only dream. PS : I am still waiting for a George Foreman grill powered via USB (even if its proprietary).

Apache Optimization For Low Resources

Running a server with low resources can be a pain but also an opportunity to learn and optimize it then you can rest assured that all possible solutions were used. From my experience web and database servers consume the most resources on a shared environment, remember that you can always increment or reduce as you see fit and the settings are similar to the ones used for a low traffic site. The default configuration file for Apache2 can be found at. /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Using IfModule mpm_prefork_module

StartServers 5 MinSpareServers 5 MaxSpareServers 10 MaxClients 20 MaxRequestsPerChild 0

Brief description of options

StartServers How many child server should be started by httpd (parent server). MinSpareServers Minimum number of server processes kept spare. MaxSpareServers Maximum number of server processes kept spare. MaxClients Maximum number of server processes allowed to start. MaxRequestsPerChild Maximum number of requests a process can server .

Apache tries to start and stop servers based on the current load for example if traffic decreases and too many idle server are running Apache will kill some until it reaches the number specified in “MinSpareServers”. On the other hand if a lot of request arrive in a short or close amount of time and few servers are running Apache will start more servers up to the number specified in MaxClients . Configuration example for a low traffic site. Using IfModule mpm_prefork_module

StartServers 1 MinSpareServers 1 MaxSpareServers 8 MaxClients 10 MaxRequestsPerChild 400

Dont forget to restart the webserver. sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload Soon I will have a post on reducing the load MySQL places on a server.

Slow SSH

modem Changing the default port on SSH can make the job of a script kiddie a bit harder but it may bring some problems for other services working on the same port, that’s what happened to me not long ago. In case you have no idea VSFTP runs on the same port as SSH, after changing the default port to 2020 I began to notice that VSFTP transters drop from 80kbps down to 20kbps after checking the VSFTPD configuration (/etc/vsftpd.conf) I found the following problem.

# Make sure PORT transfer connections originate from port 20 (ftp-data). connect_from_port_20=YES

change to


I guess that VSFTP was only trying to verify that port 20 was being used for transfers, the solution was to change the “YES” to “NO”, after restarting VSFTP the rate of the file transfers went up.

How To Install Wordpress On Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

My VPS is hosted with Slicehost running on 256MB of RAM, 10GB HD, and Ubuntu its all a miracle. In this guide I will assume the server is freshly installed and you wish to set up Wordpress (can change). I don’t want to sound mean but securing and optimizing the box to use less processes is up to you after all we are running Linux get use to it .The server will run. Apache2 PHP5 MySQL PHPMYADMIN (makes things easy) VSFTPD wp 1. Basic Server install, this will install necessary and useful packages to run Wordpress. The first step will be to update and upgrade the server using apt-get, failure to update and upgrade will result in LAMP not installing. $sudo apt-get update $sudo apt-get upgrade The next step will be installing LAMP using apt-get. The beauty of this step is in bringing together different modules and reducing the time spend on each component. $sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-admin apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin After the install of LAMP is complete we need to set the root password for MySQL. For your own safety try to make the password long and difficult. $sudo mysqladmin -u root password newrootsqlpassword When the root password is set restart MySQL. $/etc/init.d/mysql restart We need a way to get our files to the server after the blog install, the solution is VSFTP very easy to configure use Google if you need further help. $sudo apt-get install vsftpd 2. Setting up the webserver for Wordpress. I hope that you have an understanding of the Linux file system (not necessary but it helps), on our home directory we are going to create a series of folders for logs, public data, private data, cgi, backup and one VirtualHost file for our domain. The domain will be and username demo. 1. In the home directory we create a folder dedicated to hosting our site file. $mkdir public_html 2.A series of folders will be create to host logs, backups, public files, etcetera. $mkdir -p public_html/{public,private,logs,cgi-bin,backup} 3. For basic testing of the webserver we create a simple .html file in the public folder using the nano editor. $nano public_html/ VirtualHosts are pretty cool they allow you to run multiple sites from one server, we need to create one for our site $sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/ After the nano opens the new files copy and paste the text below change as you see fit for your site.

# Try to place notes here, they are useful later # domain: # public: /home/demo/public_html/ # Admin email, Server Name (domain name) and any aliases ServerAdmin ServerName ServerAlias # Index file and Document Root (where the public files are located) DirectoryIndex index.php DocumentRoot /home/ldemo/public_html/ # Custom log file locations LogLevel warn ErrorLog /home/demo/public_html/ CustomLog /home/demo/public_html/ combined

The text has been pasted in our VirtualHost file, lets activate our website using. To disable a site use “a2dissite”. $sudo a2ensite Lets restart Apache. $sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload 3. Lets install Wordpress. Now lets download Wordpress using the wget command. $wget Then unzip $tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz The contents have been uncrompressed and a directory named Wordpress has been created. I will now direct you to the official Wordpress website they provide instructions on how to use PHPMYADMIN to create a database using MySQL.\_WordPress#Using\_phpMyAdmin After the database is set I recommend you keep reading the remaining instructions on their website.\_WordPress#Detailed\_Instructions Step 3: Set up wp-config.php Step 4: Place the files Step 5: Run the Install Script This set of instructions has help me set up Wordpress on my server, you will have to make some changes to fit you configuration. Good Luck.

Simple Cisco Tips

When working with the Cisco ISO it’s normal to receive some warnings and messages and they are vital for knowledge of the system but some tend to interrupt while working on a router. If you agree with the later one then disabling some of the unnecessary one’s is not that hard. Router#config t Router#line con 0 Router#logging synchronous Router#line vty 0 4 Router#logging synchronous Router#^Z In privileged mode Cisco routers attempt to resolve DNS hostname to IP addresses, this can frustrating when entering a wrong command creating a 30 to 40 second delay, the solution is to disable DNS look up. Router#config t Router#no ip domain-lookup Router#^z The result from now on will be “% Unknown command or computer name, or unable to find computer address“. There is no need to erase the whole configuration if you need to wipe the interfaces, just erase the configuration on the interface instead. Router(config)#default interface Example = Router(config)#default interface fastethernet0/0

Google Apps All In One Solution

Google not only provides good results on the web but also solutions for sharing information across the Internet, at first Google Apps didn’t seem that interesting I saw no advantage in using web based software at all then I forgot my USB drive for a very important event. In this day and age many companies compete for users but only a few provide solutions outside of regular that can be used by individuals and small businesses. Not long ago I decided that it was time to switch email provider due to lack of space and some form of application that could be used to share appointments between a small group of people, what’s needed?.

  • The ability to use my own domain name
  • Plenty of storage for email
  • Reliability
  • Mobile access
  • The ability to share and communicate with a small group on my domain
  • The ability to expand at a later time

After looking at different options both free and paid it became clear that Google Apps was the winner, some of the solution provided are.

  • 2GB for email storage and increasing
  • Web based calendar, allows for group use
  • Easy administration
  • I can use my own domain
  • Some of the services can be access from mobile devices

Now if you don’t have a domain I recommend you get one from, the popular .com TLD can be purchased for $9.99 a year (may change). After you get a domain go to the Google Apps site and sign up for the free standard account, enter your new domain where required, also don’t forget to create an email account with Godaddy. Google Apps requires verification of the domain ownership you need to either add an HTML file on the public web directory or create a RECORD (that’s my choice) review then click on verify. The following step requires a new “MX Record”, here is an example.

type: MS name: data: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. auxiliary info: 1

Expect to create no more than 5 records, check your Google Apps account if it says “Active” you still need to tell Google that an MX RECORD change has been made, check your account again and the status should have change to “updating” wait for 2 to 24 hours to become fully functional. Navigate the “Manage this domain” link in the dashboard and create an email account, to make sure the service its working send an email from another email provider. Great Google is working but the problem is that to access our email or other services we get a long URL that’s almost impossible to use. Lets create a simple URL leading to our email, docs and whatever they offer. Go to the Apps Dashboard, choose the service, and pick “change url” it will give you something like “” choose “ok”. Go back to the Godaddy Domain Control Panel and create a CNAME RECORD follow the example,

[GODADDY.COM example CNAME] Enter an Alias Name:mail Points To Host Name:GHS.GOOGLE.COM Enter an Alias Name:start Points To Host Name:GHS.GOOGLE.COM Enter an Alias Name:calendar Points To Host Name:GHS.GOOGLE.COM Enter an Alias Name:docs Points To Host Name:GHS.GOOGLE.COM

Now when somebody types “” they will be forwarded to “”, after the login page appears you will only need to enter the username and password there is no need to enter the domain name after the username Google already knows you are associated with that account. In case you have a Windows Mobile phone and want to sync Google calendar download Gmobilesync it will allow you to create or erase events from a mobile phone and lets your contacts know of changes to the calendar. The only downside to Gmobilesync is that syncing has to be manual. Regardless of the need for manual sync its a great tool. Google Apps can now be access from your phone web browser at the same URL “” and “”. Google Apps should be working without a problem, ask if you have any problems.